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  • A Puzzling Amish Murder (PAPERBACK)
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A Puzzling Amish Murder (PAPERBACK)

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Ettie Smith, our favorite octogenarian Amish sleuth, is back, and when she literally stumbles over a dead body, she’s thrust into a new whodunit.
The victim is Deena Brown, an Amish woman with an intriguing backstory. It seems that Deena hadn’t always led a simple Amish life; she used to piece together properties and clients in her former life as a realtor, much like she pieced together her beloved jigsaw puzzles in her solitude.

Ettie is determined to snap together the facts of Deena's final days, confident that the picture will reveal the murderer. But as she delves deeper, she discovers that the puzzle of Deena’s life – and death – is missing some crucial pieces. Is the killer playing a sinister game, keeping the final piece hidden?

Join Ettie as she embarks on a quest to solve this puzzling murder and put the fragmented image of Deena's life back together, so the victim might finally rest in... peace?

Jump into the twenty-third installment of the Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries series by USA Today Bestselling and Kindle All-Stars author, Samantha Price. A series celebrated by fans who love their mysteries served up clean, cozy, and with a generous sprinkle of light-hearted charm.

Book 23 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries.