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A Puzzling Amish Murder (PAPERBACK)

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When Ettie stumbled over a dead body, she was surprised to see it was an Amish woman, Deena Brown.

Ettie soon learned Deena had not always been Amish. It was one reason the woman never fitted in—that and the fact that no one saw her for days when she was working on her jigsaw puzzles.

Ettie knew if she recreated Deena's last days the murderer would be revealed.  It wasn't as easy as it seemed because the information didn't form a proper picture. 

Was the killer covering his tracks by hiding missing pieces? 

Who killed Deena Brown? Was it a disgruntled client from her realtor days? Her estranged ex-husband? Or, was it someone entirely different? Someone, possibly, who'd been under their noses the whole time?

Can Ettie fit the clues together of this puzzling murder, so Deena can rest in ... piece?

Book 23 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries.