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A Season for Second Chances (PAPERBACK)

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Paperback, Book 28 The Amish Bonnet Sisters.

Each blended family has its own issues to sort out. The Bruner/Baker family is no different.

Wilma is recovering from the wedding while Favor deals with doubts that have crept into her mind about getting married.

Cherish is left wondering if it's time for her to pursue her own happiness, but can she cut loose the ties that bind her to the orchard?

Krystal has reached a crossroads and must decide whether she wants to continue living as an Amish woman.

Paperback, perfect bound 198 pages
Book dimensions 6 x 9 inches
Publication date April 19, 2022
Publisher Samantha Price

FAQS Read A Sample

Chapter 1.
On her first day back at the orchard, Cherish was flooded with loving feelings. She’d just attended Favor’s wedding, and love had shown up in a big way. Cherish had gotten to stay at her beloved farm and she’d discovered that her farm manager, Malachi, had feelings for her. He had even mentioned marriage.
It was the best thing she’d heard in her life, and she’d agreed to date him. He was her first real boyfriend, and maybe if things went well, he’d be her last. However, because of her mother’s fragile state of mind, she had to keep her feelings about Malachi to herself.
Now Cherish had to figure out if the timing would ever be right for her to leave home. She could be stuck at the orchard for eternity, never able to marry Malachi. Maybe the idea of marrying Malachi was a wish rather than a future possibility... 
The house smelled like a bakery this morning thanks to all the pies Cherish was baking. The sweet scent reminded her of being back in Malachi’s arms. Her daydream didn’t last long before she heard a buggy horse clip–clopping up the driveway. 
Looking out the window, she saw it was Krystal in the driver’s seat. She was excited to tell Krystal every detail about Favor’s wedding. 
Krystal should’ve been at the wedding too, considering Favor and she had been best friends for years. Since Favor had met Simon, nothing else had seemed to matter. Not friendships, not family, nothing.
Seeing no one else around to help, Cherish held her floured hands in the air and somehow managed to open the front door with her elbows. 
Krystal walked toward her.
“What’s going on, Krystal?” Cherish asked.
“I’ve got the best news ever!” Krystal flitted through the doorway and into the kitchen. She didn’t even notice Cherish was covered in white flour dust.
“Tell me quickly. I love good news. Stay with me in the kitchen. I’ve got to keep working. I’m in the middle of baking.”
“Noah told me that he and his father said I can stay in the house and work at the quilt store until they work out what to do with everything. I mean, they’ve said that before, but they mean longer term than when they told me last time.”
Noah was Gertie’s grandson and since Gertie had died, Krystal’s life had been turned upside down. What Noah had said to Krystal sounded a bit wishy-washy. And if that had been her, she would’ve pinned them down about the time frame. If there was one thing Cherish needed, it was to know what her short-term future held. However, that wasn’t working out very well for her these days. 
Cherish tried to match Krystal’s excitement. “That’s great news! Does that mean you’re definitely not leaving anymore?”
“I told you I wasn’t. I’m trying not to look too far into the future. If I do, I get worried. I’m taking things day by day.”
“That’s a good idea. And the book?”
“I’m still having talks with the publisher. As you know, they don’t like what I’ve done with it anyway, so I’m still hoping I can get out of it. They’re taking their time giving me an answer.”
Cherish was delighted to hear that the company had not closed the door on discussions. “That sounds great.” Although Krystal had mentioned terminating the contract a few times, nothing had happened yet. Cherish wondered how hard Krystal was working on it.
Krystal brushed a strand of hair from her face and cleared her throat. “What are you making?” 
“Apple pies,” Cherish said, as she cut a square from the dough with her chef’s knife. “We’re having one tonight for dessert. I’ve got three in the oven and now I’m working on three more. Do you want to stay for the evening meal?”
“I’d love to, if it’s all right with your mother.” 
“Sure, why not? Mamm will be happy about that. There will be another ear to listen to her talk about Favor’s wedding. She’s missing her a lot, so she’ll probably talk about Favor throughout the meal if you don’t mind that.”
“That’s fine,” Krystal said with a smile. She paused for a moment and asked, “Did Favor talk about me? Was she upset that I wasn’t there?”
“No,” Cherish said thoughtfully as she measured flour into a bowl, “but I’m sure she thought of you a lot at the wedding. It was pretty hectic that day. So much happened.”
“Like what?”
Cherish closed her eyes. She didn’t know where to begin; the awful wedding dress, Jared’s outburst, or the loud reprimand from Ada that practically ruined the wedding.
“Tell me about it.” Krystal boosted herself up to sit on the opposite countertop.
“Never ever, rely on your mother-in-law to make you a wedding dress.” Cherish shuddered at the memory of that dress. “Favor wasn’t clear about the shade of blue she wanted, and then Harriet picked out a shade of blue that she liked.”
“Not a good start! That was a huge mistake right there. There are just so many shades of blue. There’s sky blue, then there is an almost lavender color, and a turquoise color, and a green blue. What shade did the dress turn out to be?”
Cherish rolled her eyes. “It looked black. When I saw it up close, I guess you could’ve called it dark, dark, blue, but to everyone, it just looked black.”
“Oh no. She would’ve looked like she was going to a funeral, not a wedding.”
Cherish laughed. “That’s exactly what Ada said.”
Krystal shook her head. “If I were there, I wouldn’t have let her wear it.”
“She wanted to in the end because Harriet made it. I’d say she didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot with her. That woman can be so domineering. I tried to keep clear of her.”
“That’s the mother-in-law, right?”
“Yes. The kapp Harriet made for her was awful too, but Florence had brought along Christina’s gift. It was a kapp, thankfully, so she was able to wear that without hurting Harriet’s feelings. Oh, and Florence also altered the dress to make it fit better. It was an odd wedding. Mamm was upset that the wedding wasn’t here. I’m sure she’ll tell you all about it when she sees you.”
Krystal giggled. “At least it’ll take my mind off myself. I’ll write to Favor and tell her my news. I’ll tell her the truth about why I didn’t go to the wedding.”
“She’ll understand. The truth is always the best.”
“I guess so.” Krystal stared into space. 
Cherish rolled out the pastry for the top of the pie. Once she placed it over the cooked apple filling, she pressed it firmly around the edges and made a pattern with her thumb. “Bliss and Adam are coming for dinner too.”
“That’s good. I haven’t seen that much of Bliss lately. Did they go to the wedding?”
“No. Adam couldn’t take the time off, and Bliss didn’t want to come without him.”
“Ah, they must be really in love if she didn’t want to leave him for a couple of days.”
“Yeah, still in love after two years of marriage. Who would’ve thought?”
Both Krystal and Cherish laughed. Then Krystal said, “I wouldn’t know anything about love. I don’t think I’ve ever been in that space.”
Cherish put the finishing touches on her pastry, and then she looked up. “The love space?”
“That’s the one.”
“From what I’ve seen, love tends to be complicated.”
“Then it’s not worth it. I prefer no complications. I wonder if that’s possible?”
“I hope so,” Cherish said, thinking about herself. Favor certainly wouldn’t have an uncomplicated marriage, considering who her in-laws were. 
“Can I do anything to help?” Krystal asked.
“You can help me collect vegetables for dinner and then shell the peas.”
“I love doing that. Fresh peas taste so nice.”
“I said shelling, not eating.”
Krystal laughed again. “I might taste one or two.”
Ada walked into the kitchen. “Hello, Krystal. I thought I recognized Gertie’s horse and buggy outside. It gave me a funny feeling until I realized it was you.”
“Yes, it’s me. I’m using her horse and buggy. No one said I couldn’t. I’m staying for dinner too.”
“Ah good. We can catch up and tell you all about the wedding. Unless Cherish has already done that, has she?”
“No,” Cherish said. “I’ve left plenty untold.”
“Good.” Ada looked around. “Where’s Wilma?”
“Getting some sleep.”
“Then you’ll have to make me a pot of tea, Cherish.”
“Sure. Why don’t you sit in the living room and I’ll bring it out to you?”
“Denke, and remember, I like—”
“You like it hot. I know.”
Ada smiled before she turned around and headed to the living room. After Cherish put the teakettle on the stove, she headed outside with Krystal to pick some peas and other vegetables. 
While they were crouched down filling their baskets, Cherish had to know how far Noah and Krystal’s relationship had progressed. “What’s happening with Noah?”
“Is it that obvious that I still like him?”
“Yes. I have watched the two of you together.”
“He seems very kind, but my only doubt is that he’s left the community a few times.”
Cherish opened her mouth in shock. “That’s having double standards. You were just about to leave and you still might, according to you.”
“I know, but if I stay, then I want someone reliable. Someone I can trust. Someone who will always be there and never let me down. I think he has a quick temper and that worries me, too.”
A deep voice sounded. “Two flowers in the vegetable garden.”
Cherish and Krystal looked up to see Matthew. 
“You mean we’re the flowers?” asked Cherish. She’d never heard anything so corny.
When Krystal giggled, rather than saying something mean to Matthew, Cherish knew at once that Krystal had softened toward him. It all made sense. Matthew was seriously annoying, but he was reliable. Krystal had just confessed to wanting someone reliable. Gertie had even had her eye on Matthew as a marriage prospect for Krystal. Cherish stored that information in the back of her mind. 
“Oh, I forgot the kettle. It must be boiling.” Cherish handed the basket to Matthew. “Help Krystal pick some vegetables for dinner.” Then Cherish hurried toward the house, realizing this was her first attempt at matchmaking. It was fun! No wonder Ada did it from time to time. Matthew might be a better match than Noah. At least Matthew was reliable, and as far as anyone knew, he didn’t have a hot temper.
As soon as Cherish stepped into the kitchen, the kettle began to whistle. She turned off the stove and poured the hot water over the tea leaves in the pot. While it was steeping, she raced to the window and looked out. 
Matthew was standing there as Krystal passed him vegetables to place in the basket. 
There were no sparks to be seen between these two, and no obvious connection. Krystal’s face didn’t look alive like it did when Noah was around. That made up Cherish’s mind that Noah was the one for Krystal. Even though Gertie had never mentioned her grandson as being suitable for Krystal, Cherish was sure Gertie would approve of the match. 
Cherish wouldn’t interfere, but there was no harm in helping Noah and Krystal in their relationship. The best way was to give them more opportunity to interact, and Cherish had just the idea of making that happen. She’d have Bliss invite Krystal and Noah to dinner. She’d have to go too, of course, to see how things went.
“Cherish, where’s my tea? Are you growing the tea leaves, or what?” Ada called out from the living room.
“I’m coming, Ada,” Cherish yelled back.

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