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Wrapped in the warmth of an Amish quilt and cloaked in a shroud of mystery, an abandoned baby boy lands on Ettie and Elsa-May's doorstep. As they take the child in, a letter hidden in the quilt tumbles out, begging them to protect the child and keep his presence a secret — his life depends on it. However, when the retired Detective Crowley stumbles upon their secret, is it too late to tuck the truth back under the blanket? 

In "Amish Baby Mystery,' Ettie and Elsa-May must 'weave' through danger and deception to protect the most innocent life amongst them.
This cozy mystery will 'stitch' you to your seat, 'patching' together a captivating tale of secrecy and safety. Will they be able to 'quilt' a safe future for the child, or is the fabric of their secret already unraveling?

BOOK 6 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries. 

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