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Amish Barn Murders (PAPERBACK)

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Barn lights or warning signals? When peculiar illumination haunts the Strongbergs' barn, the quaint Amish community is thrust into an eerie twilight zone. Even more unsettling, these nocturnal anomalies coincide with the deaths of two Amish men.
Thomas Strongberg's passing was chalked up to a tragic accident—a fall from a ladder. But as a second death sends shivers down the community's spine, the police find their lead in Thea Hersh, an Amish girl with ties to the crime. Mysteriously, she will only speak with one person - Ettie Smith.
Can Ettie 'shed light' on the puzzle of the peculiar barn glows and their connection to the murders? Will she 'ladder up' to find the truth and save Thea from becoming another casualty?
In 'Amish Barn Murders,' Ettie's in a race against the setting sun to solve a mystery that's putting her quiet community in the dark. It's sure to keep you guessing till the rooster crows!

Book 9 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries.