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Amish Bonnet Sisters Omnibus: Volume 6 (PAPERBACK BOX SET)

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Please note that this is 3 Books-in-1 and not 3 separate books. 

Books 16 - 18 (The Amish Meddler, The Unsuitable Amish Bride, Her Amish Farm)

The Amish Meddler: When unexpected visitors arrive at the Baker Apple Orchard, Caroline has some explaining to do. Has their Englisher guest been lying to everyone this whole time? With the truth about her revealed, will Caroline lose everyone's respect, even the man she has grown to love?

The Unsuitable Amish Bride: Earl, Florence's older brother, visits the orchard bringing with him a surprise. 
The surprise turns into a shock when Earl introduces the woman he's planning to marry.  When Wilma learns the potential bride is nearly her age, she is convinced he can find someone better and younger. Wilma hatches a plan and enlists Ada's help. 

Her Amish Farm: Could there be something wrong with Joy or her husband? Wilma is determined to get to the bottom of their strange behavior. Cherish's farm manager makes her a promise regarding the two people threatening to expose her family's secrets, but will he make things worse?

Paperback, perfect bound 562 pages
Dimensions 6 x 9 inches
Publication date December 20, 2020
Publisher Samantha Price