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Amish Breaking Point (PAPERBACK)

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Amish Secret Widows' Society: Book 7

With his wedding only weeks away, the newly Amish Bailey Rivers is desperate to uncover the terrifying secret that lies buried deep within his mind.
Bailey keeps his problem from his bride-to-be, Silvie, and enlists the help of the other widows to put the pieces of his past together.
Bailey is determined to get to the bottom of the flashes of terrifying memories that haunt his nights.
And why will no one tell him the true reason that his grandfather left the Amish so many years ago?
When Bailey finally discovers the truth, will it be so troubling that he will wish that he had left well enough alone?
Will he ever be able to bury his past and move ahead with the woman he loves?

Other books in this series include:
The Amish Widow: Book 1
Hidden: Book 2
Accused: Book 3
Amish Regrets: Book 4
Amish House of Secrets: Book 5
Amish Undercover: Book 6
Plain Murder: Book 8
Plain Wrong: Book 9
That Which Was Lost Book 10

All Samantha Price Amish Mystery books are clean reads.