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Amish Brides series (ebooks)

This series contains the following novellas.

Book 1: Arranged Marriage
Will she defy her parents' plans and risk everything for a chance at true love? 

Book 2: Falling in Love: Hazel faces a dilemma: Should she follow her parents' wishes and marry a Stutzman boy, or should she choose a more suitable match?

Book 3:
Finding Love: Moira dreams of more than just marriage and motherhood. When an opportunity to teach in a distant Amish community presents itself, she seizes the chance for adventure and fulfillment. 

Book 4:
Amish Second Loves:  Quiet and gentle Amish widower, Michael, seeks companionship, but his family struggles to accept his new romance. 

Book 5:
Amish Silence Esther longs to be treated like any other young woman, but her hearing loss makes her feel isolated in Amish society. 

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