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Amish Christmas Books series (EBOOKS)


Celebrate the season with a heartwarming collection of Amish romance tales in this exclusive five ebooks Christmas bundle. Journey through the snow-covered lanes of Amish country in these five enchanting stories, where the magic of Christmas and the warmth of true love come alive.

  1. In Time For An Amish Christmas - A truly unique story. Two different times, two choices. 

  2. Amish Christmas Bride - Follow a tale of childhood friends reuniting at Christmastime, where old sparks ignite new possibilities in the glow of festive traditions.

  3. Amish Bachelor's Christmas - Delve into the story of a bachelor's festive season that takes an unexpected turn, leading to discoveries of love and companionship in the most unexpected places.

  4. A Blessed Amish Christmas - Join a family as they navigate the trials and triumphs of the season, finding blessings and love in the heart of their community.

  5. An Amish Christmas Caper - A light-hearted and fun romantic comedy.

  6. Her Amish Christmas Baby - When an Amish woman clashes with an Englisher over a small baby.

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