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Book 13 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but sadly it couldn't save an Amish apple grower from meeting his untimely demise. Before his last breath, he chillingly 'forecasts' his murder to Florence Lapp. But like a bad apple in a bunch, his death is quickly ruled as heart-related, and Florence's claims are dismissed.
Refusing to let this mystery rot, Florence turns to her sister, Ettie Smith, who knows there's more than meets the eye. Can Ettie dig to the 'core' of the crime and 'peel' back the layers of deception? Will she 'branch out' her investigation while keeping Detective Kelly from barking up the wrong tree?

In this twist of 'fate and fruit,' you'll find a cozy mystery ripe with suspense, wit, and a 'bushel' of intrigue. Embark on this juicy adventure with Ettie Smith and discover the killer lurking beneath the 'orchard' in this lighthearted Amish mystery. It's sure to be a 'peeling' read!

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