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Amish Dead & Breakfast (PAPERBACK)

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A newly renovated Amish bed and breakfast, a wedding, and a murder...

There’s a new mystery to solve for elderly Amish widow, Ettie Smith.

When Ettie and her sister were asked to help out at the bed and breakfast for a wedding, they were speechless. 

They quickly agreed.

The ‘till death do us part’ vows didn’t take long to be tested when the groom was found dead on the library floor.

Leaning over the body was Thomas, one of the owners of the bed and breakfast. 

Thomas had lost his memory.

What took the cake was Thomas's strange behavior leading up to the event.

For better or worse, Ettie and her sister vow to find the killer, but will they get a frosty reception from the town’s grumpy detective?

Can Ettie uncover the secrets that led to the groom’s death?

Book 24 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries.