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  • Amish Dead & Breakfast (PAPERBACK)
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Amish Dead & Breakfast (PAPERBACK)

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Book 24 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries series.

In the heart of Amish country lies a quaint bed and breakfast with secrets thicker than a shoo-fly pie. When elderly Amish widow Ettie Smith and her sister are whisked into the world of wedding catering, little did they know their duties would soon expand to investigating a murder.

Before the newlyweds could even churn their marital bliss, the groom ends up deader than last season's corn crop on the library floor. The prime suspect? Thomas, the B&B co-owner, who's forgotten more than just his manners—it seems his memory of the murder has churned into butter.

Add a dollop of suspicious antics in the mix, and Ettie and her sister find themselves knee-deep in a mystery that threatens to leave a sour taste. Undeterred, they pledge to rise to the occasion, buttering up a grumpy detective as they knead the clues.
In a town known for its simple living, will Ettie churn out the truth behind the groom’s death or will the killer continue to roam free, living the cream of the crop life?

If you relish a cozy whodunnit with homespun charm, suspense as thick as homemade jam, and a dollop of humor, you'll love Samantha Price’s heartwarming tale.