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When Florence Lapp's house is reduced to ashes and her firearm goes missing, she seeks refuge with her sister, Ettie. But an extended sibling sleepover isn't exactly what Ettie has in mind, prompting her to dig into the mystery—rapid-fire.
The plot thickens when Florence's missing gun resurfaces as the weapon in a murder case. Florence's oddball friend stands accused, with damning DNA evidence pointing his way. However, Florence staunchly defends her friend, stirring a cauldron of confusion.
Can Ettie 'trigger' the truth amidst the web of lies, clear the name of the accused, and expedite her sister's departure? Or will another murder strike—this time too close to home?

In 'Amish False Witness,' Ettie Smith is back in action, tackling a case that hits the bullseye of danger and deceit. It's a thrill-ride that will keep you 'locked and loaded' until the very end.

Book 8 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries. 

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