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Amish Love Blooms (Complete Series) EBOOKS Bundle

When fate introduces Rose to Jacob, a man who captures her heart, their connection runs deep. However, soon unexpected revelations about Jacob shatter Rose's world. Seeking solace, she turns to Mark, her loyal friend, for support.

Now, Rose must navigate a difficult choice. Will she give Jacob another chance, risking heartbreak, or will Mark prove to be the one worthy of her love?

Let the Amish Love Blooms series transport you to a world where love, forgiveness, and second chances intertwine.

The SIX eBooks contained in this bundle:

🌹 Amish Rose

🌹 Amish Tulip

🌹 Amish Daisy

🌹 Amish Lily

🌹. Amish Violet

🌹 Amish Willow

Embark on an unforgettable Amish Romance adventure today.

The ebooks are currently available only from Amazon, Here!

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