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In the pursuit of a home and a family, Mercy Baker refuses to let anything or anyone stand in her way. From the moment the nephew of a family friend arrives to assist with the apple harvest, Mercy's heart is instantly captivated. She knows deep in her soul that he is the one meant to complete her life.

However, as her younger half-sister rushes headlong into marriage, Florence Baker assumes the role of a parent, desperately urging Mercy to slow down and consider the consequences.

As Florence witnesses her sister's blossoming romance, her own single status becomes a glaring reminder of missed opportunities. Caught in a whirlwind of responsibilities and a demanding schedule, Florence questions if there will ever be a chance for her to experience true love and the joy of marriage.

Join Mercy and Florence on parallel journeys of self-discovery as they challenge societal expectations and navigate the turbulent waters of love.

Book 1 in The Amish Bonnet Sisters series.

Paperback, perfect bound 336 pages
Dimensions 6 x 9 inches
Publication date May 11, 2019
Publisher Samantha Price