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Amish Misfits series (EBOOKS)

Immerse yourself in the quaint, heartwarming world of Amish romance with this eight-ebook collection. 

❤️ The Amish Girl Who Never Belonged: An orphan tries to find her place as she is passed from one family to another.

❤️ The Amish Spinster: Follow an unexpected love story that will warm your heart.  

❤️ Amish Bishop's Daughter. A young woman is caught between her duty and her heart's desire.

❤️ The Amish Single Mother: A touching story of love rediscovered in the face of adversity.

❤️ The Temporary Amish Nanny: Love blooms in the unlikeliest of circumstances.

❤️ Jeremiah's Daughter. A moving tale of a young woman torn between the call of the modern world and her Amish roots.

❤️ My Brother's Keeper: Loyalty and love intertwine in an unforgettable story.

❤️ The Amish Marriage Pact: A second chance romance. 

This ebook collection is bound to transport you to a world of quiet beauty, strong community ties, and gentle romance.

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