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  • Amish Mishaps and Murder (PAPERBACK)
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Amish Mishaps and Murder (PAPERBACK)

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Book 25 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries series. 

Ettie's innocent plan of bestowing her sister, Elsa-May, with an anonymous kitten gift sets off a chain of events that tumbles quickly into chaos. The poor chap who helped Ettie deliver the feline surprise is found dead not long after leaving their house.
Suddenly thrown into a murder mystery, Ettie, feeling fur-tively responsible, pledges to claw her way through the enigma and unmask the killer.

Her investigation leads her through a tangled yarn of the victim's past, revealing a litter of enemies. The question isn't who had the motive, but who was driven to pounce?

As the pressure mounts, can Ettie craft the purr-fect solution before she ends up the next victim in this whisker-thin game of cat and mouse?
On a lighter note, can she coax Elsa-May into falling in love with the new furry family member, or will Elsa-May deem the adorable kitten too much of a cat-astrophe?

If you're after a tail full of unexpected twists, a cast of quirky characters, and a good dose of feline fun, "Amish Mishaps and Murder" is the purr-fect read for you. Samantha Price delivers a clean, wholesome, and engaging page-turner that's the cat's meow of Amish mystery series!