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Amish Mishaps and Murder (PAPERBACK)

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When Ettie decides to give Elsa-May an anonymous gift of a kitten, things litter-rally go from bad to worse. Shortly after Ettie's cat-gifting accomplice leaves their house, he ends up murdered. 

Feline paw-sitively responsible for his demise, Ettie vows to find the killer. 

Unfurr-tunately, Ettie soon unravels the victim's hiss-tory, finding litter-rally many enemies. Which one wanted him dead?

Can Ettie purr-fect her theory of who dunnit fast enough to inform claw-enforcement and avoid becoming the next victim?

Can Ettie purr-suade Elsa-May to keep the kitten or does Elsa-May find the kitten appaw-ling?

Book 25 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries.