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Amish Murder (PAPERBACK)

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In 'Amish Murder,' an estranged Amish woman's life is brutally cut short, and suspicion falls heavily on her brother, Jacob. The town's new detective finds himself in unfamiliar territory, his inquiries within the tight-knit Amish community meeting stony silence. In this labyrinth of suspicion and secrecy, he seeks the guidance of Ettie Smith, a wise Amish widow renowned for her sharp mind and insight.
As the evidence piles up against Jacob, Ettie dives deep into the life of the victim, navigating a web of old feuds and hidden secrets.

The clock is ticking; can she expose the true culprit before Jacob is unjustly sentenced to a life behind bars?

Book 2 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries. 

Paperback, perfect bound 194 pages
Dimensions 5 x 8 inches
Publication date February 10, 2016
Publisher  Samantha Price