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Amish Murder Too Close (LARGE PRINT PAPERBACK)

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Dead people hold no conversations, but they can leave a trail of secrets.
The woman found slain outside Ettie's house might've known too much, her life snuffed out and her valuable engagement ring gone. While the authorities attribute it to a botched robbery, Ettie sees a different pattern.
An Amish man falls into the crosshairs of suspicion, compelling Ettie to unravel this complex knot of truth and deceit. But is she prepared for the revelation that awaits?
In this tantalizing tale, secrets whisper from the shadows, echoing a truth that's as surprising as it is unsettling.
Will Ettie's instinct guide her to the killer, or will the silence of the deceased prove too cryptic to decipher?

Book 4 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries. 

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