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  • Amish Mystery at Rose Cottage (PAPERBACK)
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Amish Mystery at Rose Cottage (PAPERBACK)

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Book 16 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries series.

Widow Nell is consumed by an unresolved mystery from her past—Jedidiah Shoneberger, an Amish man who vanished without a trace over forty years ago, mere weeks before their wedding. Overwhelmed by a mix of grief and lingering affection, she reaches out to Ettie Smith for assistance in piecing together the puzzle of Jedidiah's disappearance.

Faced with the challenge of a cold case, Ettie finds an unexpected ally in her willful older sister, drawing them both into a maze of hidden truths and well-crafted deception. As they pick apart the past, they uncover a shocking detail: Jedidiah wasn't the only one who evaporated into thin air all those years ago.

Could Jedidiah be somewhere out there, shrouded in the mists of time? And who was the cryptic man Nell recalls having heated exchanges with Jedidiah on multiple occasions? Each mystery they unearth seems to guide them back to the serene Rose Cottage. What secrets does this seemingly tranquil dwelling hold?

As Ettie and her sister dig deeper, they must grapple with the idea that some truths are concealed for a reason. With each door they unlock, they risk stirring a past that was meant to lie still. Prepare yourself for an intense journey into the core of a decades-old mystery, where the answers are veiled in the quiet whispers of Rose Cottage.