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Amish Rose (PAPERBACK)

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"You've got one year to find a husband. If you haven't found one by then, I'll find one for you!"

Rose wasn't shocked by her mother's announcement. Ever since Rose's two older brothers married, her mother had become obsessed with weddings. She wasn't against marriage; she just hadn't met the man of her dreams. Rose would know him when she saw him. It would be love at first sight. He'd be handsome and tall with broad shoulders.

When she meets such a man, will things turn out as she hoped?

Mark has loved Rose forever, but what happens when Mark's cousin enters the picture?

Will Rose ever open her eyes to the right man?

Book 1 Amish Love Blooms. (A six-book series).



Paperback, perfect bound 218 pages
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Publication date August 23, 2018
Publisher Samantha Price