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  • Amish Scarecrow Murders
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Amish Scarecrow Murders (PAPERBACK)

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Book 20 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries series.

While Ettie Smith is grappling with a pain in her back, a far more sinister agony sweeps through her peaceful community. Two lives, connected to their serene world, have been reaped in the most horrifying manner, sowing seeds of fear in everyone's heart.

As the mystery grows as tall as a cornfield, one haunting detail stands out: each victim's front yard is adorned with a scarecrow, a silent, eerie sentinel. Is the community now a field in a harrowing harvest of death, reminiscent of the unsolved scarecrow murders of the sixties? Or is there a copycat, a straw man who finds inspiration in past terrors?

Driven by a determination as sturdy as a wooden post, Ettie starts piecing together the straw-laden clues.

Her quest leads her to a single suspect, but when the local detective brushes off her findings like chaff in the wind, Ettie decides to stand alone against the gale of doubt.
In the face of danger, just how close can Ettie tread to the scarecrow slayer without finding herself under his ominous gaze? Is she about to make a blunder that could cost more than a bountiful harvest?

Prepare for a story that's more chilling than a midnight encounter with a field of scarecrows. Grab your copy now, and join Ettie in unearthing a mystery that will keep you guessing until the last stalk of corn is counted.

Book 20 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries.