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Amish Silence (PAPERBACK)

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Amish Brides Book 5

She's a recluse without a shelter when a storm leaves her homeless.
All Esther wanted was to be treated as a normal twenty-five-year-old woman.
She attended very few Amish gatherings due to her hearing loss. It was difficult to be around others.
When a storm damaged her home, she was forced to spend time with Devon, the Amish man who came to rebuild it.
The two formed a friendship, and he encouraged her to seek medical help for her hearing.
Her overprotective brother stepped in and sent him on his way.
Was her brother right? Did Devon only want their relationship to progress if she could be healed?
Does she need to be perfect to be loved?

Paperback, perfect bound 140 pages
Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Publication date September 23, 2015
Publisher Samantha Price