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  • Amish Winter Murder Mystery (PAPERBACK)
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Amish Winter Murder Mystery (PAPERBACK)

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Book 19 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries series. 

Winter's chill grips the Amish community when the shocking news breaks—Ebenezer Fuller, found frosty and lifeless behind his barn, has been iced. Ettie Smith, not one to freeze in the face of adversity, believes she can thaw out the identity of the killer. That is, until she discovers a blizzard of surprising facts about Ebenezer's past, making things as clear as an icy windshield.

As Ettie digs into Ebenezer's history, the mystery deepens like a midwinter night, and things just don't snowball in the right direction. Hidden secrets emerge like footprints in the fresh snow, false identities add a cold front to the investigation, and a surprise visitor stirs up a wintry mix in Ettie's life.

Amidst the flurry of revelations, Ettie and her sister, Elsa-May, find themselves skating on thin ice in a race to crack the case before the winter thaw. Get ready for a chilling tale of secrets, surprises, and sub-zero sleuthing that will leave you shivering in suspense.

Remember, in Ettie's world, winter isn't just coming—it's already here, and it's as frosty as a cold-hearted killer. Wrap up warm for a tale that promises more twists than a snowflake's journey to the ground.