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Amish Women of Pleasant Valley Omnibus: Volume 1 (PAPERBACK 4 books-in-1)

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Please note that this is ONE book, containing books 1 - 4. (4 books-in-1).

From USA Today Bestselling and Kindle All-Stars author Samantha Price comes the Amish Women of Pleasant Valley series. Enjoy Volume 1 of the 2 Box Set editions. 

The Amish Woman and Her Last Hope She'd given up on love. Had love given up on her? Alone in life, Karen was pleasantly surprised when she met the Amish bishop's nephew, a single man her age.  At twenty-eight, Karen had given up on finding a suitable husband. While Jason holds onto his secrets, Karen wonders if he is too good to be true.

The Amish Woman and Her Secret Baby  She's broke, pregnant, and alone. Mary was forced to make a heartbreaking decision regarding the future of her unborn baby. The baby was finally taken in by the wealthiest and the most arrogant man in her Amish community.  Mary comes up with a plan to be close to her child.

The Amish Widower's Promise Rebecca's dream of being a midwife was becoming a reality, but that dream soon turned into a nightmare when she met Mona and her husband, Jacob. Rebecca is unprepared for Mona's deathbed plea. When Jacob agrees to his wife's last request, Rebecca hopes he is merely putting Mona's mind at rest. She soon learns Jacob has taken the promise seriously. This was one problem Rebecca did not get herself into. The only thing was, how would she get herself out of it?

The Amish Visitors He's got to get rid of the visitors! They're ruining his plans. The trouble is, apart from Timothy, everyone is delighted to have the young widow and her daughter there. Pretending it's from the kindness of his heart, Timothy sets about finding them alternate accommodation since they can't stay there forever. It doesn't take him long to see the sweet and pretty Amish widow has an ugly, dark side. He wasn't surprised.

Paperback, perfect bound 626 pages
Dimensions 6 x 9 inches
Publication date January 27, 2020
Publisher Samantha Price