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Please note this is ONE book. 4 Books-in-1.

This edition contains the final books in the Amish Women of Pleasant Valley series - The Amish Dreamer, The Amish School Teacher, Amish Baby Blessing, and Amish Christmas Wedding.

The Amish Dreamer: Has her twin just ruined her life? She was married, and now she's left him. May didn't care about her twin's decision to leave her husband. All she cared about was the scandal it caused within their small Amish community.
Will the upstanding and righteous Amish widower, who May's got a crush on, think she is flighty just like her sister? After all, they are twins.

The Amish School Teacher: She's in love with the father of two of her students. He pays her little attention. Being consumed with her teaching, Amish woman Deborah hadn't thought she'd marry until she met the handsome Amish widower.
Will a little competition spark some interest within the widower? One of the older ladies in her Amish community thinks it will.
Desperate to have him notice her, she goes along with the advice, but will it all go horribly wrong?

Amish Baby Blessing: When a young single Amish woman moves to Pleasant Valley and learns of Mervin Breuer, she is determined to 'help' him. It was reported he lived with his grandmother and rarely left home. No one knew whether he was shy or whether he was content to remain a single man forever.
What will she do when she discovers the secret he is keeping from the Amish community?

Amish Christmas Wedding: Amish woman, Deborah Morris, has waited long enough to marry the man of her dreams. Her wedding was postponed twice and now December 23 is the date she and her husband-to-be have marked on their calendars. When the Amish bishop is involved in an accident and lands in the hospital, Deborah's secret fear is that her wedding will be postponed yet again. That isn't her only worry. She's forced to keep a secret from her fiance and is troubled with the lie. If he found out, it could ruin everything.

Paperback, perfect bound 620 pages
Dimensions  6 x 9 inches
Publication date  January 27, 2020
Publisher Samantha Price