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Falling In Love: Amish Romance Novella (EBOOK)

Amish Brides: Book 2

Hazel found herself at a crossroads, torn between duty and the whispers of her heart. Living in a small town where every eligible girl seemed to vie for the attention of the same charming man, she couldn't help but question if she could genuinely trust someone so admired.
Her family's crops had failed, tightening the financial noose around them. Hazel's options were limited, and the pressure to leave home and ease her family's burdens grew daily. Seeing a practical solution, her parents were keen on her marrying into the Stutzman family, a choice that promised stability but little else.
Will Hazel follow the path laid out by her parents, securing her family's future at the cost of her own desires? Or will she dare to follow her heart, stepping into the unknown in search of true love and happiness?