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Book 18 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries. 

Ettie Smith had long suspected there was something peculiar about the couple next door, Stacey and Greville Charmers. After all, neighbors don't just plant petunias and borrow cups of sugar—they harbor secrets too. So when Greville meets his untimely end at the hands of an unwelcome guest, Ettie isn't just mourning her neighbor, she's puzzling over a murder.

Ettie's determined to crack this neighborly whodunit, even if it means treading on toes and stepping over boundary lines.

As she unearths a secret that several folks would prefer remain buried, she realizes she might just be risking more than neighborly goodwill—she could be stepping into the path of danger herself.

Get ready to peek over the picket fence into a tale of secrets, suspicion, and suburban sleuthing!

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