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Her Hopeful Heart (AUDIOBOOK)

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Debbie is stepping into a new life beyond what she had ever imagined, and her family is right there with her. They're pitching in, ensuring her new home is as warm and welcoming as possible. It's a team effort, and Favor and Cherish refuse to go home until it feels just right.
'Her Hopeful Heart' is all about the surprises life throws at us, the support of loved ones, and the exciting possibility that change can bring.

Her Hopeful Heart is Book 40 in The Amish Bonnet Sisters series. 
If you haven't started this series yet, it's best to begin with Book 1, Amish Mercy.

Audiobook 3  hours 44 mins
Publication Date February 5, 2024
Narrator Stephanie Dillard
Publisher Samantha Price


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FAQS Series Order

THE AMISH BONNET SISTERS (best listened to in order)

Book 1 Amish Mercy

Book 2 Amish Honor

Book 3 A Simple Kiss

Book 4 Amish Joy

Book 5 Amish Family Secrets

Book 6 The Englisher

Book 7 Missing Florence

Book 8 Their Amish Stepfather

Book 9 A Baby For Florence

Book 10 Amish Bliss

Book 11 Amish Apple Harvest

Book 12 Amish Mayhem

Book 13 The Cost of Lies

Book 14 Amish Winter of Hope

Book 15 A Baby For Joy

Book 16 The Amish Meddler

Book 17 The Unsuitable Amish Bride

Book 18 Her Amish Farm

Book 19 The Unsuitable Amish Wedding

Book 20 Her Amish Secret

Book 21 Amish Harvest Mayhem

Book 22 Amish Family Quilt

Book 23 Hope's Amish Wedding

Book 24 A Heart of Hope

Book 25 A Season for Change

Book 26 Amish Farm Mayhem

Book 27 The Stolen Amish Wedding

Book 28 A Season for Second Chances

Book 29 A Change of Heart

Book 30 The Last Wedding

Book 31 Starting Over

Book 32 Love and Cherish

Book 33 Amish Neighbors

Book 34 Her Amish Quilt

Book 35 A Home of Their Own

Book 36 A Chance for Love

Book 37 Her Amish Wish

Book 38 Amish Harvest Time

Book 39 Whispers of Change

Book 40 Her Hopeful Heart

Book 41 Return to Love's Promise

Book 42 Amish Circle of Blessings