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Hope's Amish Wedding (PAPERBACK)

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Hope is delighted her wedding day is finally approaching, but can anything in this family run smoothly?
Debbie has to face her parents when an anonymous letter prompts them to visit. Will they want her to go home with them?
Meanwhile, Krystal is creating a comfortable life for herself, but is it one she can sustain?
Cherish is still distracted by what caused the rift between Debbie and Bliss, and when she can't take it any longer, she sets out to investigate. When she finds shocking evidence, she wonders whether the sweet and good-natured Bliss has them all fooled. 

Will Hope and Fairfax get the wedding they deserve, one that they'll remember fondly forever?

Book 23 The Amish Bonnet Sisters. 


Paperback, perfect bound 232 pages
Book dimensions 8.5 x 5.5"
Publication date September 22, 2021
Publisher Samantha Price