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  • Impossible Love (EBOOK) BY SAMANTHA PRICE
  • Impossible Love (EBOOK)
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Impossible Love (EBOOK)

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What will Verity Fisher do when she comes face to face with Reuben King, the man who has doomed her to the life of a lonely spinster?
Chasing riches, Reuben King left his soon-to-be bride, Verity, promising to return very soon with a deposit for a home of their own.
Years pass before Verity faces the fact that Reuben is not coming home. The love in Verity’s heart turns into bitterness as she finds all the Amish men her age have already married.
What finally draws the successful and very wealthy Reuben back home to the simple ways of the Amish, away from his homes, fast cars, and his beautiful English fiancée, Brittany?
It is clear to Verity that Reuben is the one in the wrong, so why is he so angry with her?

Book 1 Amish Wedding Season.