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Jeremiah's Daughter (AUDIOBOOK)

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Book 6 Amish Misfits - a series of stand-alone reads. 

After a tumultuous fallout with her stepmother, Beverly swore never to return to the Amish community. However, a desperate call from her father forces her back, with the task of reviving their failing bed-and-breakfast.

Amidst ongoing conflicts with Janet, Beverly's hope is rekindled when David Hilty, Janet's nephew, enters the scene and sparks a surprising connection. As Beverly envisions a future filled with love, challenges emerge, threatening her dreams.

Will Beverly overcome the obstacles and find the happiness she yearns for, or will fate intervene once again?

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Audiobook length 3 hours 49 minutes
Publication date  August 10, 2023
Narrator Susanna Coleman
Author Samantha Price


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