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Stumbling onto secrets or skeletons? When Ettie unearths human bones in a field, she unexpectedly finds herself implicated in a cold case murder mystery. In her quest to clear her name, Ettie crosses paths with an Amish woman, Gertie, who spins a chilling yarn of two 'accidental' deaths.

Initially, Ettie dismisses these tales as fanciful fiction until Gertie herself vanishes. Was Gertie weaving tall tales or narrating deadly truths? Can Ettie 'dig up' her memory of Gertie's tales to follow the breadcrumb trail? Or will Gertie end up as another 'unfortunate accident' on the record?

Join Ettie on a twisty journey into the bone-chilling tales of the Amish countryside, where truth is stranger than fiction, and 'accidents' may not be accidents at all.

Book 12 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries. 

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