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Murder in the Amish Bakery (PAPERBACK)

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Wherever Ettie goes, trouble follows. There's another dead body.

All she was doing when she went to Ruth Fuller's bakery was to find out why her bread kept sinking in the middle. The last thing she expected was to find a body on the floor.
Ruth begged Ettie to help find the killer, and Ruth had a wild theory. There were several people after her bread recipe, and a fight broke out between two groups of intruders. The police have a more simple scenario centered around the cash kept on site.
Since people traveled for miles to get Ruth's famous bread, Ettie had to wonder whether Ruth's scenario had some truth to it.
Ettie was troubled by one thing she couldn't get out of her head. Why was the dead man found clutching a Bible?
Can Ettie find out why the man was killed, who did it, and ... will she ever make a decent loaf of bread?

Book 3 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries.