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Murder in the Amish Bakery (PAPERBACK)

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A recipe for disaster brews as Ettie stumbles upon another dead body. This time, the unfortunate victim lies sprawled on the floor of Ruth Fuller's famous bakery. All Ettie wanted was to 'rise' to the occasion and perfect her loaf, not to 'knead' into another murder mystery!
Ruth, desperate to find the killer, bakes up a wild theory about recipe thieves and bakery brawls, while the police stick to a simpler recipe, focusing on the cash reserve. Could there be a 'grain' of truth in Ruth's theory? And what of the Bible clenched in the dead man's grip?
Join Ettie as she 'rolls' up her sleeves to sift through the 'floury' details of this mystery. In the midst of 'crusty' suspects and half-baked theories, can she uncover the truth, and also... can she finally bake a decent bread?
In 'Murder in the Amish Bakery,' the suspense is 'bread-hot,' and the mystery will keep you 'toasting' till the very end.

Book 3 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries.