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  • My Brother's Keeper (AUDIOBOOK)
  • Amish Book My Brother's Keeper
  • Ebook my Brother's Keeper by Samantha Price
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My Brother's Keeper (AUDIOBOOK)

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Amy's world is centered around one person: Jonah, her beloved special needs brother. Their days are marked by quiet routines and unwavering devotion.

When Adam, a stranger residing with the neighboring bishop, enters their lives offering assistance, Amy is cautious. Jonah's needs are unique, his world a delicate balance that outsiders seldom understand. But Adam's genuine desire to help chips away at Amy's reservations, and a tentative friendship begins to form.

As their paths continue to intersect, Amy discovers a side of herself she never knew existed. The connection between her and Adam deepens, sparking feelings she hadn't anticipated. Yet, behind Adam's kind eyes and supportive demeanor lies a secret he's hesitant to reveal, a secret that could shatter the fragile bond they've built.

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Audiobook length 3 hours 5 minutes
Publication date  August 1, 2023
Narrator Susanna Coleman
Author Samantha Price

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