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Old Promises (PAPERBACK)

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Book 15 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries series. 

Unyielding in her conviction that her daughter Myra couldn't so much as squish a bug, Ettie Smith's world is sent spinning when Myra is ensnared in a murder accusation.
Teamed up with her sister, Ettie embarks on the monumental task of absolving her daughter's name, uprooting secrets that were intended to stay buried with the dust bunnies of history. As they delicately reconstruct the jigsaw of the victim's final day, unexpected truths bubble to the surface.
Could it be that Myra is hiding a past that's been quietly ticking away in the corners of her world? Buckle up for a wild ride - this whimsical mystery will have you darting between twists, gasping at revelations, and thoroughly entranced until the last word.