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Plain Secrets (PAPERBACK)

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Book 17 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries. 

Inheriting an antiquated house from a long-lost Amish grandfather she barely knew, Selena Lehman embarks on a journey to explore her roots. But as she steps through the time-worn doors of the homestead, she stumbles upon a buried legacy that eclipses the house's crumbling state—her grandfather was a convicted murderer.
Shaken by this revelation, Selena grapples with the tarnished image of her grandfather, a man condemned by the law yet enshrined in her bloodline. Convinced there is more than meets the eye, she sets out to peel back the layers of this decades-old mystery.

Guided by a conviction that her grandfather's story is yet unfinished, Selena finds herself on the threshold of Ettie Smith's abode. Ettie, known for her sharp intellect and tenacious spirit, may just hold the keys to a past obscured by shadows.
Can Selena and Ettie unearth the truth buried deep beneath the soil of accusation and suspicion?

In a world where the past refuses to stay silent, every creaking floorboard in the old house could hold the answer.
Prepare yourself for a journey into the heart of Amish country, where secrets lay as thick as the morning fog, waiting to be unveiled.