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Secrets Come Home (PAPERBACK)

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Welcome to the world of Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries, where USA Today Bestselling author Samantha Price blends intrigue, humor, and charm in this much-loved series.

When Ettie Smith inherits her late friend Agatha's home, she stumbles upon a chilling secret: a body concealed beneath the floorboards. While the local detective quickly attributes this grim discovery to Agatha, Ettie firmly believes in her friend's innocence and sets off to discover the truth.

With her wisdom and dogged determination, Ettie unearths hidden secrets and unexpected links to the past. Just as she's closing in on the truth, an old, mysterious key emerges, threatening to disrupt her progress.

Join Ettie in her first thrilling adventure in this treasured series that has delighted readers over the years.
If you enjoy cozy mysteries, heartfelt moments, and puzzles that keep you guessing, then Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries is the perfect series for you. Uncover the magic of Ettie's world today, and find out why this series remains a perennial favorite amongst readers.

Book 1 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries 

Paperback, perfect bound 190 pages
Dimensions 5 x 8 inches
Publication date  December 1, 2015
Publisher Samantha Price


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