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Wilma Baker was a widow for the second time. She had buried her first husband when her daughters were still young. And now, here she was, burying her second husband when she was only middle-aged.

When other Amish widows rally to support Wilma, how will Wilma's life-long best friend react?

Meanwhile, Wilma's niece Debbie has problems of her own. She has fallen for her ex-boyfriend's brother. What will she do when both men come back into her life? Will she be sensible and choose the man she has known for years? Or will she choose his brother with whom she'd had an instant connection?

Book 31 The Amish Bonnet Sisters series. 

Paperback, perfect bound 342 pages
Dimensions 6 x 9 inches
Publication Date August 16, 2022
Publisher Samantha Price