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  • Sugar and Spite
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Book 22 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries.

When the elderly Amish widows, Ettie Smith and her sister, set off to see why candy maker Brunhilde Hoffman was living less of a sweet life and more of a rocky road, they found themselves ensnared in a mystery more complex than a box of assorted chocolates. Brunhilde, the heart of sugar and spice in their community, was no more!
Despite her sister's reluctance to get a taste of this bitter saga, Ettie couldn't help but probe into why life had turned sour for the beloved confectioner.
The question that left Ettie and her sister feeling like they'd bitten into a jawbreaker was, who could've wanted Brunhilde dead? As they crunched through layers of enigma, they began to wonder: was Brunhilde truly the sweet, soft-centered woman she appeared to be?

Brace yourself for a riveting journey through a world of sugar, spice, and not everything nice. 'Sugar and Spite' promises to be a tale filled with more twists than a licorice stick and more turns than a spiral lollipop. Prepare to unwrap a mystery that will leave you guessing until the last caramel has been crunched.

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