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The Amish Girl Who Never Belonged (PAPERBACK)

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Grab all eight paperbacks in the Amish Misfits series HERE and SAVE!

Amish Misfits: Book 1 

After Emma's parents died, her disagreeable grandmother often sent her to stay with the Eshes, a nearby Amish family.

When her grandmother died, Emma was sent to live with distant relatives. While Emma was comfortable at their home, she never felt she truly belonged.

On her twentieth birthday, things took a turn for the worse when her uncle announced he was finding her a suitable husband. Emma was shocked to learn the man was Thomas Esh, who was said to be a secret drunkard and a gambler. In response, Emma took a job as a housemaid and fled the Amish community.
Several months later, a chance encounter with Thomas leaves Emma confused. Was it possible for someone so reckless to change completely?
Did Emma make the right decision when she left the Amish all those months ago?

Amish Misfits: Book 1  (All books in this series are stand-alone reads).