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The Amish Single Mother (AUDIOBOOK)

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After a traumatic incident during rumspringa, she seeks refuge within the familiar safety of her Amish roots. However, her world unravels when she learns she is expecting a baby and faces disownment from her parents.

As Jane's life crumbles, the shocking revelation of the baby's paternal grandparents seeking custody adds further turmoil. Amidst the chaos, she wonders if the man she loves will remain steadfast or succumb to the allure of young, single Amish women vying for his attention.

Join Jane on a heart-wrenching journey as she navigates unexpected challenges, fights for her child, and discovers the true meaning of love and resilience.

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Audiobook  2 hours 57 minutes
Narrator Susanna Coleman
Publication date September 28, 2023
Author Samantha Price


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