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  • The Pregnant Amish Nanny
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The Pregnant Amish Nanny (LARGE PRINT PAPERBACK)

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Expectant Amish Widows Book 6

She'd do anything to support her child - even take a job as a nanny.

When Courtney is left widowed and expecting a baby, she moves to a larger Amish community hoping for a new life. She is delighted to receive a position as nanny for three young children who had recently lost their mother.
The woman Aaron pictured to care for his children was not the one who arrived. But he needed an emergency nanny and was limited for choice. In short, there was no one else. 
After a rocky start between the pair, Courtney's feelings for Aaron develop. Is it too soon to love again? What will she do when she realizes another woman has her eyes on him? 
Courtney knew she wasn't the perfect nanny, but would Aaron ever see that she'd make him the perfect wife?