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The Unsuitable Amish Wedding (LARGE PRINT PAPERBACK)

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Two unwanted guests, a road trip, and an Amish wedding!

Shortly after the family has said goodbye to one unwanted houseguest, Bliss's cousin arrives for an extended stay. Cherish wants Debbie to fit in well with the family, but she's not too hopeful, given some early warning signs. 
Levi is left behind when Ada, Wilma, and the girls take a road trip to Ohio for Earl and Miriam's wedding. 
Is it possible the pair will have a peaceful wedding without any outside interference?
Will Earl and Miriam get their happily ever after?

Book 19 The Amish Bonnet Sisters.

Paperback, perfect bound 372 pages
Dimensions  6 x 9 inches
Font size 16 point or greater
Publisher Samantha Price

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