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Threadly Secret (PAPERBACK)

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Ettie Smith, an elderly Amish widow known for her keen eye and taste buds, is cordially invited to judge a cookie contest at the local fair—a sweet assignment that soon sours. Amid the patches and stitches of the quilting tent, she stumbles upon a far grimmer sight: a woman, lifeless among the vibrant fabrics.

With a whodunit that's as knotted and intricate as the finest quilt, can Ettie and her sister unravel the clues and stitch together the truth? Or will this be one mystery that proves too complicated, leaving their efforts frayed at the edges?
Thread your way through a captivating story, where each clue is a patch in a grand quilt of intrigue and suspense.

Will Ettie and her sister be able to sew the narrative together, or will the fabric of this investigation prove too tangled? Get ready to be threaded into a tapestry of tension, filled with as many twists and turns as a spool of victim.

Can Ettie and her sister stitch the clues together, or will this be one murder that will leave them completely unraveled?

Book 21 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries.