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The Amish Cat Caper (PAPERBACK)

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When 'Uncle Alfie', a former Amish man, meets his untimely end, the town is awash with whispers and worry, especially when his nephew Jazeel mysteriously vanishes. His distressed fiancee turns to the seasoned sleuth, Ettie Smith, for aid.
Ettie quickly finds herself 'kneading' through a tangled 'ball of yarn' of lies, revenge, and hidden motives—all within Uncle Alfie's own family.
Can she 'purr-suade' the secretive housekeeper to spill the beans, outsmart a cranky rescue cat, and keep the nosy neighbor from letting 'the cat out of the bag'?
In 'The Amish Cat Caper,' solving the mystery is like herding cats, but if anyone can 'claw' her way to the truth, it's Ettie Smith. Dive into this lighthearted Amish cozy mystery that will keep you on your toes and leave you 'feline' fine!

Book 11 Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries.