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Chapter 1.
Wilma opened her eyes as the first rays of dawn stretched across the sky. But before she could fully wake, the phone's shrill ring in the barn pierced the air.
With a surge of adrenaline, she dashed down the stairs to the backdoor, hastily slipping into her boots, propelled by a sense of urgency. Who could be calling at this early hour?
It could only mean one thing. Someone was in trouble. Thoughts of her distant daughters and faraway grandchildren raced through her mind, casting shadows of worry.
As Wilma's trembling hand was about to grasp the receiver, the ring abruptly ceased, leaving her huffing in exasperation. 
The phone rang again, and she seized the receiver with determination, her voice echoing her worry. “Hello? Who is it? What's happened?”
“Everything's fine. It's me, Earl.”
Wilma could sense the bubbling excitement in Earl's voice, and she knew exactly what it meant. “Have you...?”
“We have two perfectly healthy boys.”
She closed her eyes, silently saying a prayer of thanks. “Boys? I'm overjoyed for you. Did everything go well? How is Miriam?”
“She's fine. Everyone's doing great.”
Wilma exhaled a breath she didn't realize she had been holding. “Good.” The relationship with her eldest stepson had always been strained. She had been impatient with him, struggling to adjust to the sudden role of a mother and the weight of an instant family. “I'm happy for both of you.”
“Thanks, Wilma. It was touch and go at the beginning, but the doctors did an outstanding job. Miriam is resting now, and I'm right outside the ward, marveling at my two beautiful boys.”
Wilma's heart swelled at the mere thought of cradling those precious babies in her arms. “Maybe you could use my help? I could lend an extra pair of hands around the house.”
There was a pause at the other end of the line, and Wilma could almost picture Earl's hesitant expression.
“No, it's fine, Wilma. We've got all the help we need for now.”
A pang of regret hit Wilma. She remembered the harsh words she had said to Earl when he had announced his engagement to Miriam, a woman much older than him. “Oh, I see.” Miriam had defied her expectations. Despite Miriam's age, she had given birth to two sets of twins and even a set of triplets. “I can visit, though, jah?”
Again, a pause. “I'll bring them to you. We'll all visit as soon as we're able.”
“I'd love that. I truly would. I know it might be challenging to travel with children, but I want to see them while they're still little.”
“I must go now. Miriam needs me.”
“Of course, Earl. Please give her my love. And take care of yourself, too,” Wilma said with genuine concern.
“I will. Bye.”
As Wilma hung up the phone’s receiver, relief washed over her. Everything had turned out fine for Earl and Miriam, and that was a comfort. Yet, a tinge of sadness clung to her heart, refusing to let go.
As she walked back to the house, her steps were heavy, each one echoing with unspoken apologies and the rhythm of 'what ifs.'
If only they lived closer, she thought. It would be so much easier to mend the wounds of the past, to show Earl how deeply she loved him and that she had always cared. That's what his father would have wanted.
But deep down, Wilma wondered if it was too late to turn back the hands of time. Were some mistakes irreversible?
Nevertheless, as she stepped through the door, she held onto a glimmer of hope. Maybe, just maybe, there would still be moments in the future to prove her love, to heal the wounds, and to create new memories.
As Wilma stepped into the kitchen, she glanced at the clock to see it was only five in the morning. A tired sigh escaped her lips, and she retreated to her bed, hoping to steal a few more moments of rest before the day moved on.
An hour later, the morning sun filtered through the curtains, casting a warm glow in the room. Weariness still clung to her bones, but she knew it was time to embrace the day. The sounds of morning activity from the kitchen below nudged her from her sleep.
Wilma drew back the curtains, inviting in the light. She dressed in one of her better dresses, meticulously arranged her hair, and carefully placed her prayer kapp upon her head. Today, she would joyfully announce the arrival of Miriam and Earl's twins.
On entering the kitchen, Wilma discovered Debbie already seated at the table, eating alongside Krystal and Jared.
“Good morning, everyone,” Wilma greeted them, settling into a chair.
Debbie glanced up, acknowledging her presence. “Morning, Wilma.”
“I've prepared breakfast,” Krystal announced, her voice brimming with pride.
“Denke.” Wilma looked at the array of scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, waffles, and hashbrowns arranged in the center of the table. Jared loved his hashbrowns, and Debbie and Krystal often made them for him. “I must have overslept.”
“It'll do you good. You probably needed the extra sleep,” Debbie remarked, spreading a generous layer of butter on her toast.
Krystal had a better look at Wilma. “Aren't you going to eat?”
Wilma paused, her gaze shifting from Krystal to the spread before her. With a soft smile, she reached for a plate and set it in front of her. “I will in a minute.”
“Oh, good. I’ll get you some coffee.”
“Denke.” Wilma couldn't help but notice the wide grin on Krystal's face, which hinted at the arrival of Jed. He was expected for breakfast along with Ada and Samuel. “It all looks lovely. I might save my appetite to eat with Ada. I'm too excited at the moment.”
Debbie looked over at Wilma. “Why the excitement?”
Wilma's eyes sparkled as she waited for Krystal to sit down. “I received a call early this morning. Earl and Miriam's twins have arrived. They're here, and they're doing well.”
A squeal of delight escaped from Krystal, her radiant smile reflecting Wilma's joy.
Debbie's brows knitted together in concern. “And Miriam? Is she alright?”
Wilma nodded, a warm glow of contentment spreading through her. “Yes, Miriam and the boys are all in good health. I didn't think to ask for their names.”
“Congratulations on becoming a grandmother again, Wilma,” Debbie said, her voice soft yet sincere.
Wilma beamed. “Denke.”
A knock at the door interrupted their conversation. Wilma rose from her seat. “That must be Samuel and Ada. Come in!” As she neared the front door, a moment of realization froze her in place—Ada never knocked. The knock could only mean it was someone else.
Just then, the door opened and Obadiah poked his head through the doorway. “Hello.”
Wilma's heart skipped a beat as their eyes met.

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